It is human nature to avoid thinking about loss of life. However, it is common for most people to know of someone who has died prematurely. In these circumstances if the deceased was the breadwinner then the surviving family members may find themselves not only emotionally distressed but also financially vulnerable. The situation may be worse if the deceased is survived by young children who have major upcoming expenditures like college and marriage. At Wall Street Alliance Group we help our clients obtain life insurance which gives them peace of mind and provides security for their dependents. Following are the types of life insurance that we offer:

  • Term Life Insurance: provides coverage for a fixed number of years and the policy owner pays a premium for the length of coverage. 
  • Return of Premium Term Life Insurance: is a form of term insurance in which if the insured outlives the term then the full premium paid is returned.
  • Whole Life insurance: gives permanent coverage and guarantees death benefit, cash value growth rate and fixed premium. 
  • Universal Life Insurance: provides permanent coverage with flexibility of premiums and design.

We assess individual circumstances and suggest options that we feel are appropriate for you. Call one of our experienced financial professionals at (866) 535-8771 to schedule a consultation.